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The standard rental period is 24 hours, if your event is over the weekend when we are closed, it is considered a 24 hour period since we are closed. Some Holidays/Winter Schedule will effect this time period as well, this will not accrue extra charges. Weekly and Monthly rates vary based off of items.

Cancellation and Item removal Policy:

Tent Cancellation: Once reserved if less than 6 months notice charged at full price this is for all tent sizes.

50% of the tent total to hold the reservation & Total reservation amount is due 1 Month prior

*Items removed 31 days or more before event will not be charged.

*Items removed less than 30 days to 23 days before event will be charged a 20% re-stock fee.

*Items removed 22 days to 8 days before event will be charged a 50% re-stock fee.

*Items removed the week of event will be charged at full price.

*Any item not used during a rental CAN NOT be refunded.

*Once it leaves the store it is out whether it gets used or not.

*Quote prices are valid for 30 days, after 30 days all prices are subject to change.

The rental pricing includes the items price, taxes and damage waiver for the 24 hour rental. Delivery/Pickup and setup fees vary based off of items and location. Inflatable pricing includes set up. Tent pricing is just the price of the tent, setup fee is separate.

The delivery fee varies depending on the distance between the rental company and the event/delivery location, and will include the pickup fee. Local Delivery/Pickup have a set rate, must have Fort Collins zip code.

We will deliver everything to you ordered to your garage or front driveway. Delivery does not include setup.

If you are wanting everything put in your back yard, there will be an additional charge if no help is provided.

If you have a frame tent being delivered, we will setup the tent for free and stack other rental items underneath it.

Note: we do not setup canopies or easy ups due to their flimsiness and unexpected weather. You are responsible to take down canopies and easy-ups if the weather turns bad.

Non Tent Reservations require a 30% deposit (no less than $25.00) of the contracts total and to be paid in full upon in-store pickup or Delivery day.

Reservations with Tents require a 50% deposit for the tent  (all tent related items, tent, side walls, weights, setup/tear down fee, delivery/pickup fees) and must be paid in full 1 month prior to delivery date.

We ask that you let us know how we are taking care of remaining balances on day of delivery. If it is the same card as deposit or if you are paying another way. If you are paying by check please note your payment must be received and cleared at the bank before your Delivery/Pick-up day  this could take a few days to a week depending on the banks.

The damage waiver fee is a non-refundable fee that covers wear and tear of the items and any accidental damage/broken/missing of the rental items. It’s a percentage of the rental price. If it is beyond repair, you will pay the vendors replacement costs and shipping costs.

Yes! We can setup as much as you like or we can just deliver everything to your home and you can arrange it as you wish.

Give us a call at 970-267-6500 to see how much it will cost for us to setup your event rental equipment. If you need a tent for your event, we have a special deal going where we will set it up for free if you pay for delivery (excluding easy-up tents & canopies).

A tent is a fully enclosed structure with walls and a roof, staked or weighted down can be up several days or longer. While a canopy is an open-air structure with a roof only, can only be staked down, not to be left up overnight, must be dropped if high wind gusts occur. We build/setup and teardown tents, customers setup/teardown canopies.

The size of the tent you need depends on the number of guests, the type of event, and the layout of the event space. The more you have under a tent will increase the size. Adding sidewalls will cut down on space.

A round table is typically used for smaller groups and encourages conversation, while a banquet table is longer and narrower and can seat more people.

A chiavari chair is a classic, elegant chair with a wooden frame and cushioned seat, while a cross-back chair has a more rustic look with a wooden frame and an option to add a chair pad.

The earlier the better in most cases. While we try to accommodate all orders, certain events cause us to be booked up and not have what you are needing for your event.

Absolutely, please give us 3-5 days before event/pickup day to fulfill the request and make sure items are available to add. If adding a tent or something larger please give us 3 weeks before event for dispatch scheduling. 

Unfortunatley no, our insurance does not allow us to set up non B.E.R. items.

Please call our main line at (970) 267-6500 which will transfer you over to the on-call phone. You may have to leave a message for someone to call you back, please include your name, a good contact number and what the issue is for us.

We do ask you to rinse them. If you can not get them rinsed we suggest a rubber spatula for scraping food off the plates before returning them. Glassware, Silverware, Chafer units, Beverage servers should be emptied and rinsed if possible. You may be charged a cleaning fee otherwise.

Absolutely, we have a showroom for browsing around, with several items set up. If you want to see a table mock up with certain linens and place settings we are happy to set it up for you we do ask you to set up an appointment for doing a mock up. Some items can also be viewed in the warehouse with an employee. We have several pictures on a slide show and printed available to view for the bigger items. We will not set up any inflatables or tents for viewing.

You can give us a call, stop on by or build one on our website here! A quote is a look at pricing, we have to have a deposit to make a firm reservation. Quotes are valid for 30 days.

Most Items can be picked up with some planning and a capable vehicle. If you are picking up an inflatable you must bring a trailer we can roll the unit onto, we will not lift these into vehicles. Our tables do not fold in half only the legs fold up, please keep this in mind when thinking about a in store pick up. If you need to make multiple trips we will work with you on getting all your items. Our website shows which items are delivery only. 

Please give us a call and let us know so we do not charge you for the missing item. You/someone will have to return the item to us. If you can not get the item returned we can return for the item however it is an extra fee.

Our basic delivery charge includes drop off/pickup on street level, just inside the first floor, or the front/side/back of the home, garage or building. This does not include setup and take down. When the crew arrives to pickup the items they must be returned to the delivery location or close to it and prepped for transport the same way it was delivered in its appropate bags or containers. The customer is responsible for getting all items gathered up for pickup we will not hunt items down. Please note the delivery is different for tents and inflatables. If you have a tent all other items will be stacked/stored under the tent and must be prepped the same way upon pickup. Inflatables are expected to be deflated, blower fan off, extension cords unplugged, unless it is a wet unit those need to be inflated and up drying for no less than 2 hours, pools need to be drained.  Dunk tanks need to be majority drained and tipped down for pickup, remember where these are filled is where they will drain.