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What type of service can I expect when the truck arrives?

Our basic delivery charge includes drop off/pickup on street level, just inside the first floor, or the front/side/back of the home, garage or building. This does not include setup and take down. When the crew arrives to pickup the items they must be returned to the delivery location or close to it and prepped for transport the same way it was delivered in its appropate bags or containers. The customer is responsible for getting all items gathered up for pickup we will not hunt items down. Please note the delivery is different for tents and inflatables. If you have a tent all other items will be stacked/stored under the tent and must be prepped the same way upon pickup. Inflatables are expected to be deflated, blower fan off, extension cords unplugged, unless it is a wet unit those need to be inflated and up drying for no less than 2 hours, pools need to be drained.  Dunk tanks need to be majority drained and tipped down for pickup, remember where these are filled is where they will drain.