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Are you having a Christmas or New Years party at home or at your office? Making sure that you have enough tables and chairs for each event can be challenging in an of itself, but what about those hard to remember items from year to year. 

Don't worry, we have you covered. This article will help you with listing out the most popular rental items for Christmas and New Year's events. 

Here are the top 5 most rented items for every Christmas and New Years party:

  • Tables - 6' and 8' tables are the most popular tables for rent, but don't forget cocktail tables for social areas where people gather to socialize. 
  • Chairs - The plastic folding chairs are by far the most popular due to their cost effectiveness, but don't forget our padded chairs (White and Natural Wood). Keeping you comfortable sitting long into the night. 
  • Linens -
  • Chill'n Fill Table - Yes, the chil'n Fill table is a table, however it deserves it's own listing as it is so much more than a mere table. It's great for keeping food and beverage items cold. It's a must have. 
  • Beverage Dispensers - This is indespenible (see what I did there :) for serving beverages to large parties and events where you want to make a large batch and don't want to keep on making pitcher after pitcher of your favorite beverage. 

The top 3 most overlooked Christmas & New Years party items:

  • Grills - Christmas and New Years spectacular for large gatherings. The challenge is that most home grills don't have enough space to serve all the guest hot food all at once. That's where a 3', 4' or 5' grill rental comes in. 
  • Games - Yes, there is always good'ol Monopoly, but we have over 40 indoor games for the whole family to get involved with. 
  • Sound System - This is perfect for business events and home parties where you want to connect your phone to play music to a large crowd. 


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